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---------lead guitar /vocals---------

Alan has been playing with Uncle John's Band and it's precursor formation since 1993. While growing up on Long Island in New York, Alan's father was very influential in teaching him piano at the age of 3. He went on to study classical piano at the Julliard School of Music until other genres of music began to have their appeal. Although Alan's first Grateful Dead music came by New York area cover bands 'Timberwolf' and 'The Volunteers', his first Dead shows were in the late 70's era. The artistic improvisation, colorful rhythmic phrasing and various picking styles of Jerry Garcia are what inspire Alan to create exciting jams. Before the Florida Grateful Dead scene, Alan had played in bands from Binghamton, New York, Richmond, Virginia, and Morgantown, West Virginia where he was part of a reggae outfit, 'Rasta Rafiki' and the Dead cover band, 'Nexus'. In 1991, Chuck Powers, a luthier in Clarksburg, with material information from Doug Irwin, built his first custom guitar, a rendition of Garcia's 'tiger' guitar. That purchase was to be the beginning of what became the never-ending search for 'the sound'. Over the years, Alan's guitar collection has grown to try and cover the subtle differences in Garcia's tone throughout the various eras. "If I had to pick a favorite era for the Grateful Dead sound, I would say the 1973-1977 era is where it's at for me. A custom Travis Bean TB500 (TB#12 replica) and an early 1978 version Moriarty 'Wolf' (single-coil VooDoo Blues set from David Allen) can keep me playing for hours." Alan has experimented over the years using several different pre-amps including a Groove Tube Trio (for the 90's sound), and he is a fan of Brad Sarno's SMS preamps especially when playing a larger venue gig bringing the Mcintosh 2300 along. A modified 1971 Fender Twin Reverb was a mainstay for many years before acquiring a 'Shakedown Amp' (second phase Joe Martin creation) two-channel head that covers 70's, 80's, and 90's 'Jerry-tone'. This amp now shares time with a custom 135W ultralinear two-channel preamp that brings Garcia's Mesa Boogie Mark I and Fender tones of the mid to late 70's to life (courtesy of Jason Ferguson). The signal chain ends with a JBL-loaded Trucker cab. Uncle John's Band has been jamming together now for over 25 years. Just like the Grateful Dead, no two shows are ever alike. "I try to bring fresh improvisation and spontaneity every time playing, and when you add in the enthusiasm of our great fans, that makes for a great musical experience every time."