art nelson


Born in Evanston, Illinois October 5th 1963. l started piano lessons at age six. From forth grade though graduation from Augustana College I primarily played trombone. I studied the classics and jazz from a horns perspective. I formed my first band called "Suited" in high school and soon had regular gigs. My next band was "Atomic Cocktail" where we grooved to all the 80s synth driven music. Moved to Florida in 1990. I worked with the band "October" and finally "Dead Icthyologists". I joined UJB in January of 1996 and the rest is all good.

I am also a Engineering Inspector/Geologist, Captain USAR, and happily married to the lovely April since 2003. We live in St. Petersburg, Fl.

I would like to thank all of you for your support over the years. Peace, Art